04.10.2023 » (Latvian) Ielūdzam jūs apmeklēt izstādi HOST 2023

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30.08.2023 » (Latvian) Aicinām apmeklēt DAYTON stendu izstādē Riga Food 2023!

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15.06.2023 » 100 years of Dayton – read our story

100 years of Dayton – read our story

28.03.2023 » (Latvian) Aicinām apmeklēt izstādi INTERPACK 2023

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23.01.2023 » (Latvian) Dayton aicina apmeklēt izstādi EuroShop 2023

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30.08.2022 » (Latvian) Aicinām apmeklēt DAYTON stendus izstādē Riga Food 2022!

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20.05.2022 » (Latvian) Dayton aicina apmeklēt izstādi EuroCIS 2022

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28.04.2022 » (Latvian) Dayton aicina apmeklēt izstādi IFFA 2022

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31.08.2020 » (Latvian) Aicinām apmeklēt DAYTON stendus izstādē Riga Food 2020!

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08.01.2020 » (Latvian) Dayton aicina apmeklēt izstādi EuroShop 2020

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22.08.2019 » DAYTON will showcase innovative cooking equipment at Riga Food 2019

September in Riga, as usual, will begin with the most important event of the year for gourmets – Riga Food 2019, the largest food fair in the Baltics, which will be held for the 24th time. It will take place at the Kipsala International Exhibition Center from 4 to 7 September, and the latest professional cooking facilities will be displayed at Dayton SIA stand.

Exciting novelty is Taylor`s innovative refrigeration system Zamboozy. It converts an alcoholic beverage into a cold foam mass, providing an opportunity, for example, to serve a cool beer, cider or wine with a foam hat made from the same beverage. On hot days, customers will definitely appreciate such cafe or restaurant offer.

The compact and easy-to-use Ugolini Quick Gel Mixer ice cream machine fills a waffle cone or dish with a couple of seconds at the touch of a button. With a personalized design, the machine produces 1.4 kilograms of ice cream per hour, making it ideal for small cafes or shops.

Taylor 736 machine is intended for more intensive ice cream trading, it makes both soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. Despite the 8-liter raw material container, the machine takes up little space, so it can be placed in the sales area at the counter. At the same time, the machine provides a mass pasteurization function for the product, which until now was only available for large installations. Due to pasteurization, the equipment should be washed once every two weeks.

For lovers of grilled food, is worth paying attention to the ROG ROLL`N`GRILL of Aichinger. The intuitive and easy-to-use device takes up little space, but makes juicy steak or burger meat very quickly. It can also be used to cook vegetables and even some fish dishes.

The Electrolux SpeeDelight versatile backing machine is highly appreciated by fast-food cafes serving hot meals, wraps, pizzas and the similar dishes. By placing the food under the flap and choosing the appropriate time, the appliance prepares brown-baked bread with filling at the perfect temperature for a few minutes.

A great help for pizza bakers is Lincat Cibo. An incredibly small, pizza-width appliance prepares a rich meal with a perfectly crisp base in three and a half minutes. You can not only see the oven temperature and the remaining cooking time on the touch screen, but also give commands to device.

In turn the Backmaster EB 30 MT is a great solution for baking breakfast breads and pastries in places like supermarkets, cafes, hotels and gas stations. The new intuitive control panel offers the ability to create and save as many programs as you like, but thanks to the automatic door opening technology, you won`t have to worry about missing out cooking end signal in your daily hurry. Now, at the end of the installed program the oven door will open automatically and the baking will stop.

Caterers wishing to supplement their menu should pay attention to the versatile Menumaster Xpress IQ MRX. The smart and user-friendly cooking platform combines four cooking technologies for quick boiling, backing, roasting and toasting. This appliance can cook almost any kind of warm food – from juicy seafood to oven-baked potatoes.

Riga Food is the largest food fair in the Baltics, where you can get an insight into industry trends, get ideas for the menu, and gain new insights into the development of the catering business. It is attended by more than 700 companies from 35 countries.

The products showcased by Dayton SIA will be located in the 2nd exhibition hall of Kipsala International Exhibition Center, 8 Kipsala Street, Riga, D12/E6 stand.

Welcome to visit our stand!


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15.04.2019 » (Latvian) Dayton aicina apmeklēt izstādi IFFA 2019

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25.02.2019 » (Latvian) Dayton aicina uz auksto desertu degustāciju

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21.08.2018 » Welcome to visit DAYTON stand during Riga Food 2018 fair!

From the 5th to the 8th of September in the largest food industry exhibition in the Baltics “Riga Food 2018” Dayton SIA is going to show off some interesting innovations. Among them should be highlighted professional equipment for making ice cream, sushi and fried dishes, as well as other technologies useful in the kitchen.

Ice cream is still one of the most sought after products after a sultry summer. Therefore, in the international exhibition center “Ķīpsala” Dayton SIA pays special attention to the production and selling of cold delicacy. From the surprisingly compact Ugolini Quick-Gel, which in a matter of seconds makes delicious Italian ice cream, to large, nicely designed ice cream showcases.

One-piece mixer for dry, compact and consistent ice cream Ugolini Quick-Gel is elegant and easy to use, and it fits in the café as well as in the office. Quick-Gel produces 14 kilos of ice cream during an hour, giving a great mood for work collectives or cafe visitors. In order to better fit the interior, design can be customized, by changing the color and graphics of the casing.

Counter top batch freezer by Italian company Frigomat is perfect solution for anyone who wants to try hand in the ice cream making without much investment. Due to compact size it fits even in small cafes and, thanks to its high efficiency, copes with its responsibilities even serving a long row of sun tired customers.

The OneShow and OneShowVG showcases are perfectly suited for placement of ice cream and confectionery products, available in various sizes and with the finest finish. The largest showcases are even for 16 containers.

The production of sushi has become even easier with SUZUMO equipment. Specialized machines are designed for small cafes and large restaurants, rolling and cutting more than two thousand sushi rolls per hour.

The Fast Chef Elite fryer is unique in that it combines luxury design with high efficiency. Smoke and odor do not escape from aesthetic equipment to surrounding areas, so it can be used directly in the dining room. Fryer makes potatoes, vegetables, meat, seafood and other foods in a record time and at a low cost.

The stand will also feature other equipment. New fruit shelves with LCD screens, which allow not only install and easily replace price tags, but also use different colors and animations to highlight the brand. Menumaster oven combines convection and microwave modes, heats up incredibly fast and consumes less energy for cooking, allowing to significantly reduce costs. Easy to use self-service Zumex juicer, which lusts the consumer’s taste buds with a freshly squeezed orange juice, and a lot of juice bar solutions. And Bizerba self-service scales, which makes shopping a pleasant experience due to its high degree of automation.

“Riga Food” is taking place already for 23 years and has become the most important food exhibition in the Baltics. Last year, 720 companies from 35 countries took part in the exhibition. “Riga Food” yearly outlines the trends of the food industry development, highlights novelties and presents a number of serious and trustable enterprises.

The Dayton SIA stands will be located in the hall No. 2 (stands D10/D12 and E15/E17) of the international exhibition center “Ķīpsala”, located in Riga, Ķīpsalas iela 8.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand!



21.08.2017 » (Latvian) Lai kafija būtu brīnišķīga!

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21.08.2017 » (Latvian) Dayton piedāvājumā: profesionālie mikseri

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24.05.2017 » (Latvian) SIA DAYTON saņem pateicību no Valsts Ieņēmumu dienesta

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23.05.2017 » (Latvian) Dayton: viss saldējuma pagatavošanai

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04.04.2017 » (Latvian) Digitalizējiet iepakošanu: Bizerba izstādē „Interpack 2017”

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31.01.2017 » Dayton is the new distributor of Henkovac

Henkovac, based in Holland, is one of the founders of the vacuum packaging machine. Henkovac combines more than 60 years of experience with craftsmanship, state of the art design and manufacturing technology. This ensures that all Henkovac machines are innovative and reliable, while complying with the highest quality standards.

Henkovac  offers a complete product line that fulfils the vacuum packing needs of  small to medium size food processing and food preparation companies in many industries. Each model provides an optimal packaging result according to the latest market requirements.

We at Dayton are proud to have Henkovac in our product portfolio and to be able to offer its quality products to our clients. This comprehensive co-operation with Henkovac covers all the areas; importing, sales, spare parts and service.